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Since before going to school in 2012 I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. I also knew that makeup would be a world that would be complicated to break into, so I decided to take a full esthetics program to ensure I could work, regardless of where life took me.

Before I graduated from my program, I was hired by one of my program instructors to work in her spa in New Edinburough, Ottawa. Not long after I graduated school, however, my (now) husband joined the military and I moved back home with my mom and dad. See, I'd never lived alone before and I didn't know many people in the city at the time. It turns out, that was a great decision as I ended up getting a job as an assistant makeup artist in 2013!

Just Add Makeup Studios hired me to be an assistant makeup artist and I spent several months assisting and learning everything there was to know about assisting. My skills as a makeup artist grew and I developed a life-long friendship. Through Just Add Makeup I ended up making tons of contacts and enjoying years of work in the Ottawa Valley including 3+ years of work with photographers around the Ottawa Valley, bridal parties and other event makeup!

I've worked in 4 spas to date, as well as from home off and on throughout the years. Mid-2017 I decided I'd had enough of working for other people and opened my first home studio in Petawawa, ON. Things were going great and I had everything lined up with a friend to open a beauty lounge downtown Pembroke, ON when my husband and I were told we were being posted to Moose Jaw, SK. Talk about dream-crushing! 

We moved three provinces over and when we arrived I knew that if I didn't start trying to make a home business work, I'd be absolutely miserable here. Well, I opened my home studio and a friend of mine in Regina asked if I wanted to work at her spa a few days a week! It's a perfect set up and I love working from both places. I have the comfort of working from home and I still get to get out of the house a few days of the week!

That brings us to what I'm up to today. Today, I'm a full esthetician at Spa Cantik and Salon in Regina. There, I do makeup, massages, facials, gel nails, manicures, pedicures and waxing. At home, due to my limited space, I offer gel nails, manicures, gel polish manicures, facial waxing, and makeup artistry.